Ag Chemicals Farm Direct

Branded and Generic Crop Protection Products

Give us the opportunity to offer you the best prices and services on agricultural chemicals anywhere – online or offline.

Delta Ridge Trading is an unbiased provider of all crop protection chemicals. Our customers have choices. We provide you with both name brand AND generic product pricing to choose from. All products we sell carry the full support of the manufacturer.

With our top-of-the-line freight carriers and our easy ordering process, Delta Ridge Trading provides a secure and efficient way to purchase crop protection products. Just give us a call to order your products when you need them, right from your tractor. We’ll ship your products immediately and you’ll receive your shipment within 24-72 hours. We pride ourselves in our second-to-none customer service and direct-to-customer, pay-on-delivery shipping.

We’re confident you’ll choose us because of our prices, but you’ll love us because of our service!

Call today! 1-888-792-6291

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